Backyard Dreams Come True

So long sweet summer! How is it possibly two weeks into September already? Seriously – where has the time gone? We know things have been a bit crazy this year with everything happening in our world – shutdowns, pandemics, masks, etc. – but summer felt like it lasted 0.5 seconds! Although we are so so sad to see summer leave, we are equally as excited for fall to begin. Crisp air, autumn leaves falling, sweatshirts, everything pumpkin and our favorite – backyard hangs around the fire. Who says the fun needs to end with summer? Fall in New Jersey is absolutely stunning and with the weather not too cold, fall makes for the perfect outdoor setting to spend your nights with family and friends! 

We’re not sure about you guys – but to us, presentation is key! Being a hostess is a huge deal – and if anyone loves throwing a party – it’s ya girls right here! Nothing makes us happier than being with friends! Whether it is a huge backyard bash or just a small Friday night hangout under the stars – we make sure every detail is perfect. And perfect takes work! Lots and lots of work – that is why we turn to the professionals for help. 

Image: Onorato Landscaping, LLC 

Creating the perfect backyard space can be tricky. You’d be surprised at just how many little details go into the process. Trying to maximize your space is key – backyards, patios, decks – You have to make sure everything flows nicely together. Everything from furniture, lighting, outdoor plants and flowers, and decor – takes time to bring to life! 

Not only does the furniture and decor need to look good, but we cannot forget arguably the most important detail of a yard – the landscaping! Who cares if you have a nice throw pillow if your grass and trees look like a complete mess! Like we said earlier – presentation is key! Making sure your grass is nicely cut and your bushes/shrubs are trimmed and properly taken care of makes all the difference! Nobody wants to look at overgrown, dead grass, and bushes that haven’t been cared for in months. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed in the process, perhaps calling a professional to help you can be more beneficial then you stressing out the next few weeks. 

Onorato Landscaping LLC is a full-service landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn service company located in Bergen County. If you are looking to remodel your backyard and turn it into THE hangout spot, or just looking for some weekly maintenance, Onorato Landscaping has you covered! When you visit their website, you can click on their portfolios and scroll through the amazing work they have done and continue to do! The variety of work they perform is outstanding! 

Image: Onorato Landscaping, LLC 

Marc Onorato, owner of Onorato Landscaping, truly cares for each and every client. He takes the time to connect with them, help them create their vision, and bring it to life. He gives free estimates and has ensured his reputation remains trustworthy and honest! Marc gives all the options and let’s each and every customer know exactly what they will be getting for their money. He wants to make everyone’s lives easier by giving the benefits within budget, “Rooted in Perfection.” With that being said, Marc also supervises every landscaping and hardscaping job so every customer receives the best service they could possibly deserve.

Like we said earlier, fall is one of our absolute favorites, and with the cooler evenings, a backyard fire is a must. Onorato Landscaping actually does some amazing work in the fireplace department as well! If you dreamed of a cool autumn evening with a fireplace blazing, hosting all of your family and friends, you could absolutely make it a reality!

Need a lawn cut, hardscaping or landscaping done at your home? Look no further – this Bergen County lawn care business is the one you want to a call! You could be living it up this fall like queens and kings – or like us, hostesses with the mostest (clean-cut, fresh landscaping and a nice fireplace to add to the party, hang out scene)! Marc Onorato at Onorato Landscaping LLC is a stand-up guy with a wonderful business, Rooted with Perfection!

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