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Surf Termite & Pest Control

Hi friends and happy August! Summer time is in full swing and the weather has been so beautiful here in Jersey. Has it been gorgeous and sunny by y’all? We have been soaking in the warmth while living amongst plenty of creepy crawlers! Insects have never been my favorite creatures, especially the invasive ones like termites – who even is a fan of them? I do not think anyone would openly invite little buggies into their homes. Even though I teach my sons, we do not hurt any of God’s creatures… I have been looking for a way to not have any pests in the house to begin with. With having none of these creepy crawlers around, I would not have to worry about saving each and every bug they spot in the house – some days it is one or two and this mama can handle that, but five or six… ugh, I feel like I am constantly running in the kitchen to grab a cup to capture some gross insect. On my hunt for a solution, I found Surf Termite & Pest Control! They are truly one of the best exterminators in the Neptune City area and I’ll explain why.

This family-owned and operated company has over 30 years of experience in humane, safe and successful riddance of pests. Surf Termite & Pest Control’s owner and operator, Steve Wrzesnewski creates personalized plans for each and every customer with satisfaction guaranteed. When entering each property, Surf Termite & Pest Control treats every customer without an upselling pitch, but rather an honest quote based on their individual needs. With the honesty policy they have at Surf Termite & Pest Control, they are able to keep customers calling them back for many years. With every service at an individual property, they send out the same full-licensed tech so the customer does not have to worry about the job being done by someone new. They want every customer to receive the same experience so they acquire the same satisfaction they had at the visit prior. 

Surf Termite & Pest Control offers these quality pest control services throughout Monmouth and Ocean County NJ so if you reside in this area, make sure you give them a call for all your pest control needs. They ensure affordable plans with the best services available. Helping families and pets stay protected against the many dangers pests pose is their ultimate goal to have customers calling them back for years to come. They not only give out free estimates, but perform thorough inspections to come up with the most efficient treatment plan that works specifically for all of their customers.

Some of the services Surf Termite & Pest Control offer are:

Home Protection Plan (H.P.P.) – This is a program that includes four quarterly service visits annually with the most rigorous and thorough pest management program available. The program includes preventive treatment and inspection of both the interior and exterior of the property, with distinct recognition to the pest control problems appropriate to the specific time of the year. This plan also covers FREE emergency service calls and applies to the entire property including basements, attics, garages, fences, sheds, outdoor play sets and pool houses. The entire property is covered so you do not have to worry about any creepy crawlers hanging out with you wherever you are on your property. Some of the pests covered include, bees, ants, beetles, mites, rats, roaches, etc.

Protection Plan Plus ( H.P.P. +) – Like the name states, this plan covers everything found in the H.P.P. plus: carpenter ants, carpenter bees, cicada killers, digger bees and fleas! Both of these plans – Home Protection Plan and Protection Plan Plus – provide the flexibility you need to ensure the best possible pest protection available for you. 

The above two plans do not include: bed bugs, ticks, honey bees, flies, gnats, mosquitos, foraging bees, wildlife, termites and wood-infesting beetles and organisms. 

Surf Termite & Pest Control also offers pest management services, which includes: residential pest control, commercial pest control, termite treatment and prevention, wood-destroying insect inspections, documentation for real estate transactions, pre-construction treatments, wood repair, home inspections, radan testing, structural pest exclusion services, humane wildlife removal, rodent control, tick and mosquito services and integrated pest management plans – which consists of techniques to minimize pesticide use and maximize safety for families, schools and businesses. 

As you can see, Surf Termite & Pest Control has you covered in so many areas! And if that isn’t enough to get you excited, when you visit their website you can find a number of awesome specials ranging from 10% off coupons, $25 off, $75 off and even $100 off coupons in which you can print right from the website! How can you beat that? 

Your friends over at Surf Termite & Pest Control are waiting for your call! I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

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