About Us

Hey girl hey! ☼ My name is Shayla

✦ “Find me where the wild things are.” ✦

I am the wife to Chris & mama to the wild ones – Gianni and Luca!

We live in the suburbs of New Jersey & spend our summers traveling all over the place, eating delicious food and running W I L D.

Being the only chick in my little family (even the dog is a boy ♂), – things can get a tad bit messy, with a side of C R A Z Y.

I enjoy sharing traveling with toddler tips, mom fails and straight up M A Y H E M. Thanks for being here!



Hi hi ☼ My name is Katheryn – but y’all can call me Katie


◆ “If you don’t get out of the box you’ve been raised in, you won’t understand how much bigger the world is.”◆

I am a 27 year old shamelessly e n j o y i n g life to the fullest.

I love to explore this world ➳ o n e adventure at a time

I’ve visited 14 countries & 27 states

But my life is more than travel and adventure – well sort of – 

Sometimes it’s dance parties in the car ♫, drinking e n d l e s s amounts of dunkin strawberry colattas and watching way too much not enough Netflix.

My favorite thing to do is eat

I believe e v e r y t h I n g happens for a reason 

I like to write about T R A V E L, adventure and all the things I L O V E  – eh well, & some of the things I don’t.

Hope y’all enjoy!