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Florajen Probiotics

Hi friends and happy weekend! Today we want to discuss health and probiotics – a topic many people are not familiar with… as we weren’t either three years ago or so! If you are new to the subject, do not worry, we all had to start somewhere! 

Do you take vitamins or supplements regularly or have been slacking in that department? We feel like we all mean to begin taking something regularly and then put it off until we forget about it. We have been wanting to try Florajen Probiotics for a while now since we have heard such wonderful reviews and information about their products! Click here to visit their website!

Why would you need THAT? There are so many reasons why to choose probiotics in your daily life. For one, probiotics act by stimulating the growth of microorganism colonies that are helpful while antibiotics destroy or limit the growth of microogranisms that cause harm. Antibiotics do not decipher between the good and bad bacteria so both are killed and can disrupt natural intestinal microbial balance. Two, probiotics stimulate immune response which is so helpful to living a healthy lifestyle. 

Growing up, we both did not take our health seriously. We ate fast food, never took vitamins – we were young and felt invincible. But as we got older, and when Shayla got pregnant – we started to realize just how important it is to take care of our bodies, and make sure what we are putting into bodies is clean, healthy ingredients. 

Reading the ingredients, and understanding what those ingredients consist of is very vital to maintaining your health. Florajen Probiotics is Non-GMO, allergen-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, stomach acid resistant and manufactured in the USA. We believe Florajen is safe, and effective. 

They offer four different probiotics: digestion – which aids in the healthy functioning of the digestive tract, women – which aids in the maintaining the healthy balance of vaginal flora, kids – which is beneficial for digestive and immune health in kids starting at 6 months of age, and acidophilus – an extra high potency, single culture probiotic that can be helpful in maintaining everyday health. 

Gut health is important. Taking care of your body is important. Ever since we started researching a few years back on living a healthier lifestyle, our overall health has drastically improved. Thank you Florajen for helping us keep our families healthy and safe.


Katie and Shayla

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