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Let’s talk about life problems you need to solve. Nobody is perfect. Nobody’s life is perfect. And if we take a look at our world today with everything going on,  we can see that we all can use a little help! Our men in uniform have had it hard lately – society has tarnished the reputation of our policemen and have made it nearly impossible to trust in the guys who are supposed to protect us and keep us safe. One thing we all need to remember is – not all people are bad. In fact, 99% of our men in blue are kind-hearted, hard working, everyday men and women who put their lives on the line for us. I think what our world needs is more positive and uplifting stories. And I have just the one for y’all. 

Have you ever found yourself in a tough spot in life and needed to hire a Private Investigator? Well I know of one of the most highly respected PI’s in New Jersey. If you are looking to work with a New Jersey Private Investigator you can trust, Cowan Investigations is just the company you need to help you solve all of your problems. 

A brief history of how Cowan Investigations came to be. Robert (Bob) Cowan, owner of Cowan Investigations, was appointed to the Jersey City Police Department in December 1979 – where he worked his way up from officer to Chief of Police. While holding the title of Chief of Police of the 800 officer Jersey City Police Department, crime was reduced by double digits.

During his nearly 35 years of service, Robert worked on and responded to various calls including serious crime calls, domestic violence, child endangerment, DYFS matters and child custody disputes. He worked as a plainclothes officer working street level narcotics and robbery investigations. 

As an Executive Officer, Robert was in charge of supervising scheduling, coordinating with Detectives in their investigations, and attended community meetings with both residents and businesses receiving and addressing their concerns. 

As he worked his way to the top, he was the overall commander, Chief of the Patrol Division, oversaw all criminal investigations as well as coordinated and assisted investigations involving the FBI, DEA, USMS, HCPO in addition to other local New Jersey Law Enforcement Agencies. He also created the highly successful “Cease Fire Unit” which doubled the solve rate of non-fatal shootings.

Bob was never interested in the 9-5 administrative desk job. He loves working the streets – at night, on weekends, even during the holidays! He was often labeled the officer who could make clear and informed decisions in all kinds of incidents. He was the primary and final decision maker in most incidents that occurred.

As you can see from above, Robert Cowan has seen his fair share of criminal activity throughout his 35+ years on the job and is not afraid to put in the work. After he retired in 2014, he wanted to continue serving his community and so he started his own business – Cowan Investigations. 

“Your peace of mind is our business” is the motto of Cowan Investigations. Specializing in infidelity, alimony/cohabitation, child custody, background checks and employee misconduct – if you are looking for a Private Investigator to help you in the above areas, you will want to give Robert a call! He is prepared to put his wealth of experience to work for you. “When trust is an issue you can count on Cowan.” 

When people speak of Robert, they often refer to him as a “very hard worker.” He is precise, professional and super efficient. He is friendly and tenacious – everything that makes him an excellent detective! 

Private investigators are easy to come by on a national level. There are many big name private detective firms in which many people often choose to work with. But when you work with Cowan Investigations, you are working with a man who has worked in New Jersey for over 35 years. Robert knows the geography and criminal/ civil laws of New Jersey. As a surveillance investigator NJ, he is here to service YOU. 

Robert Cowan is one of the good ones. He is a man in blue who is highly respected, very dedicated, and loyal to working hard and protecting his community. He has done so much over his 35 year career, and has made an even bigger impact in his new endeavors as a Private Investigator over the last few years. 

If you need a PI, Cowan is the one for the job! He will work diligently and ensure success for your personal case. Click here for his website with more information today!

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