Potty Training with Potty Genius

Let’s talk motherhood! 

     I LOVE being a mom – it’s my favorite title in the whole wide world. Watching my boys grow into little humans is something I will forever be grateful for. Even though I had them so close in age, their little personalities could not be more different. They surprise me every single day, in the most amazing ways! 

Gianni is my oldest. I’ve heard the older child is usually the more cautious, more aware of his/her surroundings. And I have to agree 100%. Gianni always needs to know where I am. I love that quality in him. He also HATES to be dirty. Potty training him was easier than I could have ever imagined. As soon as he was old enough and able to communicate with me, he let me know he needed to go pee – or poop! He did not like sitting in his wet, dirty diaper! I bought him a simple sticker book from the dollar store & each time he sat on the toilet he would receive a sticker. He was potty trained in days! Yes, you read that correctly – DAYS! When Luca came around I thought he would be a walk in the park like his brother – boy was I wrong! 

Luca, unlike Gianni, did not have a care in the world about sitting in his dirty diapers. Luca is my free spirit wild child. He’s my little daredevil. With summer right around the corner, and with everyone being in quarantine – I figured now is the perfect time to potty train hard. Unfortunately everything I tried with Gianni did not work for Luca. 

Luckily, I found Potty Genius – and it’s been a huge game changer in my household. If you are struggling to get your little one potty trained, I highly recommend you give Potty Genius a try! They gifted me with a Potty Training Kit – which includes a parent guide, storybook, plush happy toy, stickers, training chart and 2 pairs of training pants. I also received a few change kits – there are two different kinds that include a fresh pair of undies, 6 wipes and a bag to clean up the mess (in the bigger one, there is a pair of pants as well)! This is perfect for on the go! Luca’s favorite gift was the character underwear – we frequent Six Flags and he loves superheroes! His face lit up when he opened the Batman undies! He ran around the house saying, “Mommy, look at me! I’m a big boy Batman!”

Potty Genius made potty training fun, easy and gave him the motivation he was lacking beforehand! Every child is different and learns differently. Luca needed more incentives, such as the storybook, plush happy toy, sticker incentives and batman underwear! I could not believe how quickly his attitude changed when we started using Potty Genius! I cannot thank Potty Genius enough for sending me the necessary tools needed to potty train my baby boy! This is definitely a #momwin on a #MotherhoodTipMonday!



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