Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with a Toddler

As a baby, my little guy/younger of my two kiddos, Luca, had a lot of trouble sleeping through the night. We tried everything! It got to the point of many sleepless nights for this mama which of course led to lack of energy and fatigue. It was a hard year and a half, but we are here now with both boys sharing a room and sleeping all night long!

Wanna know the trick?

We got our MELLA and never looked back! 

Once our MELLA arrived, we told the boys there was a package on the steps for them! Getting mail for any child is super exciting so we knew the boys would be ecstatic. They “unboxed” their new MELLA together, obviously with parent supervision and could not wait to use it! Gianni, my three year old, kept asking when we could turn it on – mind you, it was three o’clock in the afternoon and they would not being going to sleep for at least another five hours. That evening, we were ready to start this new way of sleep training and it felt glorious!

If you are not familiar with the MELLA, it is an all-in-one kid’s clock and sleep trainer designed especially for parents who miss sleeping in. MELLA is a LittleHippo product that uses child-safe materials and has 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Not only is MELLA a sleep trainer, but it also serves as an alarm clock, sleep sound machine, night light and nap timer. Studies show that children do not fully understand the concept of time until around 8 years old; therefore, MELLA uses facial expressions and colors to teach when it is time for bed and it is okay to wake up. This not only allows your children to learn the concept of time awake verses sleepy time, but gives mama more sleep too! (I call that a win win – don’t you?!)

We have been using our MELLA for a few weeks now and it has been working wonderfully for not one, but both boys. Luca is still learning his colors (age 2), but he understands the concept of staying asleep until the the yellow light turns on to signal it is okay to call for Mommy or Daddy. We have been getting the best sleep of our parent life and I even get up before the kiddos now to have some time for myself in the morning before the chaos. I do not even remember the last time I had “me time” in the morning to either write in my devotional, stretch or just listen to music on the deck, but I definitely enjoy these quiet moments. On the weekends, we all sleep in – the boys with their MELLA and us parents with the comfort of our bed (ha ha).

Our boys have been getting the best sleep and are rising in the morning happier than ever. Also, ya girl has been waking up with a clear head and more energy – woohoo! If you have that toddler who refuses to sleep in or participates in night wakings, MELLA could work perfectly for your family. Also, LittleHippo has a one year warranty if it does not work for you! There are a few tips and tricks on their website (LittleHippo) blog about how to succeed with MELLA so if you need a reference, definitely give it a read.

I will be posting a giveaway to instagram over at @shayla_mariie if you are interested in learning more information about guidelines to potentially win yourself one!

Sweet Dreams!



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