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Great Times at Great Wolf

In the beginning of winter, we were invited to a media trip at Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. Upon arrival, we did not know what to expect from the actual event or the experience at the resort. 

From the moment we entered Great Wolf Lodge, our adventures were priceless! The staff greeted us with open arms and friendliness! We knew were we about to enter a “home away from home” in such a positive, house warming environment. Their winter event (Snowland) was going on at Great Wolf so when we walked in, it was SNOWING in the lobby! Both of the boys’ eyes lit up with amazement. This was going to be a vacation to remember!

On the way to our room, we passed by a bunch of Christmas trees, some woodland creatures, Dunkin and the candy shop! This was so cool for us to witness by just entering for the first time. You can check out our highlights about Great Wolf on Instagram (k & s)!

The room was rustic, woodland themed with a separate pull out couch section for the kiddos! There were other options for bigger families with bunk beds and two bedroom suites. The options seemed endless for all different family sizes. Also, you could upgrade your room to be themed for Christmas with a tree, lights and decorations inside! We both thought that in itself could make a family feel like they were right at home! We truly felt like we were in a cabin inside of a beautiful resort.

After settling into the room, we were invited to a little media meet and greet filled with delicious appetizers. Again, check out our highlights to see all the goodies. It was late after the event, so Shayla put the boys to bed early. The next morning, we had another small media meeting and connected with some wonderful people. There were other bloggers, influencers, reality tv stars and journalists we chatted with and exchanged ideas. It was nice getting to know everyone while the boys enjoyed breakfast with their daddy and uncle. 

After the breakfast meeting, we received a tour of the entire property! Besides the amenities we mentioned earlier, there was mini golf, bowling, arcade games, Build-A-Bear, Magiquest and a mirror maze! Talk about plenty of activities and fun for the whole family, you could never be bored at Great Wolf, oh and the waterpark itself of course!

Post-tour we headed into the waterpark area as a fam! There were so many different sections for the little ones like the dumping bucket and mini slides, but Shayla’s boys loved going down the same slides over and over again! As long as they were smiling and having fun, we didn’t mind standing at the bottom of the slides and catching them!

There were also plenty of bigger slides for older kids and adults as well as a wave pool that Shayla absolutely loves! She went all the way to the deep end just to swim around for a few! Gianni loved jumping in the waves too, it felt like we were spending the summer at the Jersey shore in the middle of December.

After our waterpark fun, we continued our fun-filled day with some mini golf, bowling and making some Build-A-Bear. It was so special for the boys because it was their first time stuffing their own little bears (not to keep reiterating, but you can see for yourself in Shayla’s highlight)!

In the evening, we ate dinner, watched a movie on the big screen in the main lobby (covered in snow) and then had a private meeting with Santa Claus! The boys were on cloud nine sitting on Santa’s lap and receiving a present from the big guy. The were gifted a special Great Wolf book and Uncle Michael read it to them while we sat at the table enjoying more goodies.

The next day, we decided to head back to the waterpark for some more fun before going home. We honestly could not get enough of the activities and slides they had out there! The boys (3 and 2) were at the perfect ages for the waterpark and we believe kids ages 5-12 would love all the other activities Great Wolf had to offer. What we mean by this is, the boys did not know how to mini golf or bowl and were too young for Magiquest so if you have a child (5-12) in the age bracket we mentioned, they would be in heaven!

Here is how we would describe our overall experience at Great Wolf Lodge in three words:

Cozy: As a whole, from the welcoming staff, the Christmas-themed resort rooms, the comfy snow-filled movie area of the lobby made us feel at home. It is so important to feel comfortable in a new space on vacation and we definitely felt a warm welcome.

Family-friendly: As we said earlier, there is fun for the entire family. From the waterpark slides to the arcade games to the Build-A-Bear to the little lobby show – there is always something going on at Great Wolf Lodge! The whole family can enjoy their vacation together.

Relaxing: There are many places to cuddle up and relax at Great Wolf! For example, so many guests were bringing their pillows and blankets to watch the evening movie. There is also a hot tub in the waterpark for adults to decompress and unwind. Finally, the lounge chairs and furniture throughout the resort were super comfy after a long day riding some slides.

Thanks Great Wolf Lodge for hosting us for such a successful, eventful and fun weekend! We all had a blast!

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Katie and Shayla

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