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Brickwall Tavern

Growing up at the Jersey shore – we have had our fair share of amazing food! However, one of our all time favorite hang out spots is by far Brickwall Tavern. Whether you are looking for a romantic night out with your other half, a fun night out with friends, or just a nice dinner with family – this is the place to be!

Last month we stopped in with our Asbury Park loving bestie, as well as Shayla’s cousin, Peggyrose! We are so proud of her for following her dreams and moving to Charleston SC; therefore we wanted to leave her with a little Jersey shore fun with delicious food and drinks for her last hoorah!

We started the night with a round of drinks to celebrate! Shayla went with one of the fancy specialty cocktails – the Applejack Rabbit! Katie and Peggy decided to choose from the classic cocktail list – a classic margarita and a cosmo! Our appetizers came out shortly after – a basket of perogies & some chips & onion dip! You don’t know what good onion dip is until you have some here – TOO GOOD Y’ALL (highly recommend and the portion is tremendous)!

We were most excited for our entrees! Brickwall Tavern has the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G food! Shayla had the Roasted Half Chicken and Katie and Peggy decided to share their entree, the Pan-Roasted Tri-Tip Steak.

Since the portions are so large we wanted to share our sides – you get two sides with each entree! Of course we had some tater tots – you cannot pass up tater tots if they’re on the menu. Our favorite – macaroni and cheese – because COME ON (we are definitely little kids at heart, however, you can never be too young for a good mac)!! We also some crinkled cut french fries and a side of mashed potatoes. Clearly, us ladies love potatoes and cheese!

Even though we were super full, feeling our drinks and the night was young – our next stop was dancing and music for our girl Peggy’s last week in Jersey. Unfortunately we skipped out on dessert because we ate so much for our meal. But y’all – their dessert is definitely worth trying! You will definitely catch us back at Brickwall Tavern to share a Chocolate Brownie or a Whiskey Cake when Peggy is in town!

I hope if you are ever in the area you give this place a try! They also have two other locations so check em out! We are telling you – it is one of the best! Good vibes, great food with a short walk to the beach – what more could you ask for? They have yet to disappoint! Thanks for the hospitality and always being our go-to hot spot.


Katie and Shayla

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