A Day at SeaWorld with Toddlers

SeaWorld Orlando – the amusement park surrounded by marine life and oceanic attractions. Katie and Shayla grew up traveling to SeaWorld their whole childhood and this was the first time they had been there since their adolescent years. So many new and thrilling attractions were added to the park while some exciting familiar “faces” animal exhibits and rides were seen on the park map!

We want to back track a bit before diving into our epic day at SeaWorld Orlando. Our day started off leisurely because – (inserting Thomas Rhett lyrics here – heyyyyyyy, let’s party like we on vacation) of course when you are on vacation, you want to take all the time in the world instead of rushing to the next activity or destination! Wyndham International Drive – AKA our hotel offered a complimentary shuttle to and from both Universal Studios and SeaWorld; therefore we were in luck with not having to worry about packing up the car or paying a parking fee, but instead just hopping in the bus and relaxing!

And we were off! Since we opted for the 11am shuttle instead of the 8am, we hurried to grab lunch as soon as we entered the park. Expedition Café was on our radar because they have all you could possibly want to eat – from American to Asian to Italian food! Katie, Shayla and the kiddos decided on some Asian cuisine while Michael ate traditional American! We sat in a lovely air-conditioned area with plenty of seating – highly recommend you send someone in you party to search for a table because it fills up pretty quickly at lunchtime! 

After lunch, we wanted to show the boys some sea animals (they have now been to three aquariums and love turtles, dolphins and sharks)! The manatee rehabilitation station was just a short walk from where we ate so we headed there first since the boys have never seen these big, cuddly animals before! Gianni was so excited – he even asked a cast member a few questions! He questions included, “which one is the biggest?” and “what are their names?” There were quite a few so the poor guy told Gianni each and every name!

From the manatees, we saw the turtles and after the turtles, we spotted some dolphins! These two marine animals the boys were so excited to see! Luca continued to repeat, “TURTLE MOMMY, TURTLE!” Shayla was extremely pleased to see the smiles on their faces and the awe in their eyes. Next up on our leisurely stroll around SeaWorld was the Stingray Lagoon – there were a few older kiddos feeding these beautiful creatures, but we opted to just pet some instead. It was so cool to actually view them being fed and the boys giggled as the teenager next to us fed them like a pro! 

It was now mid-afternoon and we wanted to catch the Sesame Street Party Parade! Guests of all ages definitely enjoy this vibrantly colorful parade of floats at SeaWorld Orlando dancing around with all their favorites like Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster! The boys loved it – to say the least! Luca danced around shaking his booty the entire time. There are three of these parades a day, I believe and it is a great way to get the kiddos entertained while getting some energy out in the process. After the parade, we took full advantage of the rides in the new Sesame Street Land – most of the rides were the perfect size for my little toddlers. They both are on the shorter side, but Gianni was able to ride almost everything with an adult. 

Post-parade and rides – we walked toward the Trick-or-Treat Trail! This candy trail is included in admission and runs weekends until October 27! Shayla is a huge Halloween buff and seeing the park decked out for the holiday was so fun! On the park map, you can check out where exactly the candy trail is to enjoy some treats and goodies! Katie, Michael and Shayla even indulged on their childhood candy favorites and the boys loved stopping for some goodies. On the trail, there are plenty of photo opportunities with Halloween decorations and so many silly Halloween characters to meet along the way! Gianni was super excited to hug some friendly fishies and Luca tried flirting with some sea queens and mermaids! They were all dressed up for Halloween as well as sea animals! Michael attempted to chat with a few taller babes, but he was actually too short this time.

After heading up and down the Halloween trail once or twice, we wanted to see some killer whales! The boys needed to get the full SeaWorld experience so we had to show them the killer whale show! This epic show is absolutely incredible and nothing you have ever seen before. It really showcases the several whales they have at SeaWorld and how intelligent of an animal they truly are. I was amazed as a child and still continue to be as an adult! It was so special for Shayla to share in this experience and tradition she had with her parents as a child and pass it down to her kiddos.

Once the orcas completed their show, we wanted to check out the gift shops and stroll around to see the rest of the park before heading back to our shuttle ride back to the hotel. 

We truly had a fun-filled action packed day in SeaWorld and loved every minute of it from the animal interactions to the new parade to the new Sesame Street Land full of rides to the candy trail to the Shamu show! If you are traveling with toddlers on your next trip, we would highly recommend not cramming everything into one day, but to take your time and relax! We missed out on a few of the sea animal exhibits, but we had an overall fun day with what we were able to see! We will definitely be back to check out Manta, Mako and our all time childhood favorite, Kraken! 

If you are traveling to Orlando and want an entertaining amusement park with rides and attractions for the whole family including some sea friends, we highly encourage you to check out SeaWorld Orlando


Katie and Shayla

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