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Disney Springs – Paddlefish

Have you been to Disney Springs? This shopping/dining district, right outside of Walt Disney World parks, is fun for the whole family. Park your vehicle in the complimentary parking garage and step your tootsies on down to let the magic of Disney continue. You can travel over small bridges and cobblestone walkways filled with Disney memorabilia plastered all over the place! It is a Disney fan’s dream site without all of the hustle and bustle of long waits and crowds. It does still get crowded, but there are places to rest and relax without craziness.

That specific rest and relaxation took place for us at Paddlefish Restaurant, an iconic bar/restaurant docked on the shores of Lake Buena Vista! Just walking up to the gorgeous, modern and luxurious steamboat – we could not be more excited to head up to the third floor and rooftop bar area where they had live music playing.

When we walked into the first floor of the steamboat to put our name in for the reservation, we were pleasantly welcomed in by the staff and seated almost immediately to our second floor table. The re-imaged, modernized decor was beautiful and made you feel like you were headed on a cruise our to sea. We were given a waterfront view of the other side of Disney Springs we had not walked through yet which made the adolescents in us excited to venture over to after dinner.

As we were seated, we had some fresh bread and cinnamon butter for the table. The butter was definitely a perfect way to set the tone for dinner – I know it is only butter, but it was out of this world and tasted so fresh.

Shortly after enjoying the bread and butter – we were ready for the entrees. Katie ordered the Pork Chop – she was excited to try the Asparagus, Blue Cheese Mash and Apple Cider Reduction that came along with it. Our bestie Michael opted for the Shrimp Pasta which consisted of Linguine, Parmesan Cream, Cherry Tomato and Basil – doesn’t that sound good! Shayla was so excited to try the Crab Cake BLT because she is a huge seafood fanatic – besides the “BLT,” it also included, avocado, cheddar, remoulade and ciabatta. The kiddos enjoyed some Grilled Chicken and Mashed Potatoes!

Michael cleared his entire plate, enjoying every last bite of his delicious seafood pasta dish while Shayla was pleasantly pleased with everything about her crab cake sandwich! Katie – who does not always eat everything off of her plate – loved her pork chop and was raving about it to all of the staff members who came over to check up on us. And the kiddos LOVED their food! Shayla was pleasantly surprised they ate it all!

Michael had a little room left for dessert while us girls were too full to have anything else in our systems for the evening. He ordered the Spiced Apple Bread Pudding which was served with Vanilla and Carmel – doesn’t that sound so yummy? I HAD to try some of it! The boys shared some Milk and Cookies on the kids dessert menu and even shared their third one with Shayla. We can always go for some milk and cookies, can’t you?

After dinner and dessert, we had to check out the rooftop floor where our talented, close friend Jon Cabrera was playing the live acoustic music. He was really “wowing” the crowd and the steamboat vibes were priceless. Did you know Paddlefish is the only restaurant in Disney Springs to offer rooftop-level waterfront seating? Relaxation to say the least huh – definitely a perfect spot to hang out and enjoy the ambiance after a long day at the parks!

If you are traveling to Walt Disney World anytime soon, do not pass up an opportunity to dine at Paddlefish! I would highly recommend to make a reservation in advance because this three floor boat definitely fills up fast! Let them know Katie and Shayla sent ya!


Katie and Shayla

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