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Mia’s Italian Kitchen

Happy October friends. Can someone please explain to us how it is fall already? Well, we would be a lot sadder if we didn’t just get back from Orlando, Florida! We are still pinching ourselves for how amazing our trip was to see Mickey Mouse. Lets start from the very beginning shall we…

When we arrived, our very first stop in Florida was lunch at Mia’s Italian Kitchen – located within walking distance of our hotel! Can you say score? After traveling all morning, we were very excited to sit down and eat so Mia’s could not have been a better place to do so.

As soon as we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by management – lovely gentlemen who sat us right away. Our waiter was very enthusiastic and knowledgable about the menu – and prided himself on Mia’s pastas all being house made and the Chicken Parmesan being the best in town. Let’s give it a whirl!

We started with a few appetizers for the table – zucchini fries, grilled stuffed calamari and nonna’s brick oven pan pizza. 

To celebrate our arrival on our vacation to remember, we ordered the summer citrus white sangria to cheers – nice and refreshing (just what we needed)!

Now on to our entrees – Katie ordered the rigatoni alla bolognese. It was fantastic. She loved how all the pasta is house made – she said it makes all the difference. Shayla and our best friend Michael ordered Chicken Parmesan. We have to report, so delicious!

Italian food is so filling! But we ALWAYS save room for dessert. Katie kept it simple, again – and went with a scoop of vanilla gelato – she says, “it hits the spot every single time!” Shayla ordered the Apple Doughnuts – absolutely amazing to say the least!

We could not think of any other way to start off our Orlando Florida trip. The decor, Italian dishes and the pleasantly friendly staff made the experience that much better! It was such a wonderful welcome to Orlando! Thanks again to Mia’s Italian Kitchen. If you are planning a trip to Orlando and are near International Drive, do not hesitate to make a reservation here – you will be full ALL DAY LONG! We promise you that!


Katie and Shayla 

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