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Kyma Greek Cuisine

Did someone say Greek food? We had such a wonderful first experience wining and dining Greek style a few months ago that we decided to go back for more. This time – we headed up to Somerville and visited the lovely Kyma Greek Cuisine

We were greeted by the owner himself, Christos, who waited on us and was kind enough to sit with us throughout our dinner and tell us all about how Kyma came to be. Christos is a Greek gentleman himself, born in Greece but raised in the U.S. He and his family wanted to keep their Greek heritage alive and create authentic delicious Greek cuisine for Americans to enjoy. 

While he was telling us all about his adventures in Greece and showing us photos of his beautiful family, we snacked on some yummy flat bread and hummus. When we were almost done with the flatbread, Christos told us to sit back and relax while he headed off to the kitchen to prepare our surprise dinner. While we waited, we sipped on some wine from Old York Winery and took in all the beautiful decor.

Our first taste of the Greek cuisine began with our Tyropitakia – which consists of phyllo, feta, honey and sesame. Christos added some Meze (small plates) of Zucchini fritter and Day Boat Octopus to the table as well! Greeks definitely know how to eat! We are huge fans! 

Our main dishes came soon after and the presentation was almost too nice to eat. Shayla was served the Bronzino Filet – potato, spinach, roasted tomatoes and herb yogurt. Christos was a little sad Katie wasn’t a seafood lover, but he whipped her up something that made her heart smile – the Hanger Steak Kebab, served with potatoes, baby carrots, tzatziki and sweet onions.

We saved just enough room for Glika/dessert – the Greek Yogurt Cheesecake! Christos walked away for a moment to talk to a costumer and by the time he turned back around, our plates were cleared. Do not skip dessert y’all – it is too good to miss out on! 

Here at Kyma, the staff is dedicated to recreating dishes that are simple, rustic and authentic to the villages of Greece. “A place to feed your stomach and your soul.” Many thanks to Christos and his team at Kyma for sharing their favorite Greek dishes with us and letting us experience a little bit of Greece here in the Garden State.


Katie and Shayla

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