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White Star Bar

One of our favorite things to do, besides eating of course, is to explore! And aren’t we lucky when we are able to combine the two? We still sometimes cannot believe that this is our job! BEST JOB EVER! While we love venturing out to different states and big cities, we equally enjoy exploring our home state – did you know New Jersey is the most populated state in the country with over 9 million people? With that many people you can be sure to find some amazing cuisine from around the world right in our backyard. 

Last week we ventured out to the wonderful town of Jersey City – (INSERT FACTS ABOUT JERSEY CITY)

White Star Bar has two locations in Jersey City. The one we visited, on Warren Street, is kid friendly while the other on Brunswick Street has more of an adult vibe. Gianni and Luca are seasoned pros now at proper restaurant toddler etiquette – well, they are trying at least LOL. We were so excited that Chris and Mike were able to join us this time – our motto is always, “the more the merrier.” Dinner with men into the mix can be hilarious and these boys definitely keep us rollin’! While they had a beautiful outdoor seating area, we opted to sit indoors – the fall weather is creeping up on us! – NOT YET, Mother Nature! In all seriousness though, the inside was just as nice. We chose the corner booth with the window so the boys could watch the train pass by – bravo for that big window and “Choo Choo” passing by every few minutes – the boys were highly entertained all night.

Since White Star Bar is known for their burgers, we decided to make it a burger night all around. The critics weren’t lying when they said White Star Bar’s burgers are the best in town – ours were all delicious! Of course we started with some appetizers to get us going – the bacon mac and cheese and fried pickles (the boys ate about 90% – they were clearly hungry). I do not blame the kiddos, appetizers are always a must! C’mon y’all, you cannot beat mac and cheese in a skillet with a side of fried pickles! Shayla decided to adult it up and ordered an alcoholic beverage. She was dying to taste the refreshing Lime in the Coconut to unwind after a long day of chasing toddlers and keeping up with the house.

Katie ordered the Double Cheese Burger and had nothing but good things to say while munching. Shayla had the Hamilton Park Burger – the bacon was just the right thickness and the cheese was perfectly melted on the beef. Chris ordered the Heights Burger since he absolutely loves peppers and onions – it was right up his alley. Mike’s burger looked amazing and he said it tasted even better – he had the Journal Square, basically breakfast for dinner. He said he would take three more to go because he wanted to continue having the taste over and over again melt in his mouth.

As for the little ones, they shared an order of macaroni and cheese that Shayla had to even take a few bites of because the appetizer was just that good! Everybody cleared their plates – it was too good to leave any behind. 

Now for dessert! Shayla had the lava cake which was absolutely scrumptious! I mean, look at it! Katie was a plain Jane as usual and had her favorite, vanilla ice cream. Mike had the brownie sundae while Chris just stuck to cappuccino – he is a huge coffee buff. Our desserts were nothing less than perfect and we ate everything – hard to believe with all the food we had for dinner, but we love our sweets!

After dinner we took a little stroll to walk off all the calories we just devoured. Jersey City is the perfect place to do so! Just blocks away from the waterfront and view of the NYC skyline, White Star Bar makes for the perfect location to come meet up with friends for a bite and some drinks, have a nice romantic dinner with your significant other or just have a nice dinner with family – a little something for everyone. Stop on by if you are ever in the area – you are sure to have a fabulous time. 


Katie and Shayla 

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