Wandering through Washington DC

One thing very important to us is our patriotism. We live in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. We take pride in representing our flag and honoring those who have fought for our freedom, and continue to do so. We are proud to be Americans. 

This past weekend we had the lovely privilege of staying in the nation’s capitol – Washington DC. Katie had only visited once when she was younger and Shayla had never been, so to say we were excited was an understatement! We packed our bags and hit the road eager to arrive. 

Our first stop before exploring the city was to check in to our 4 star hotel – Omni Shoreham Hotel. If y’all missed our Instagram stories please make sure to check out our highlights, it’s hard to put into words how beautiful and elegant our stay was at the Omni Shoreham. We felt like we were royalty with everyone waiting on us nonstop. We’ve been to a lot of hotels, but the hospitality here surpassed any other. 

As much as we wanted to go see the city we decided to relax by the pool – it was a 4 hour drive and we didn’t want the boys to be overloaded, and plus it was 90 degrees – so the pool sounded like heaven. 

A special thank you to Kortni Jeane for sending us all over some of the cutest bathing suits EVER! Shayla and her boys all rocked blue and white striped matching pieces, while Katie rocked a high waisted floral bottom and pretty off the shoulder black top. We were styling and didn’t mind all the compliments coming our way! 

After dinner we walked around the hotel grounds taking in all of its beauty. The history this hotel holds is something very special. Did you know the Beatles once rented out an entire wing of the hotel? How cool is that! 

Monday morning we woke up nice and early, had breakfast outside in the garden – we wish we could wake up every morning and eat out there! Absolutely breathtaking. The concierge was nice enough to highlight on the map exactly where and how to get to everything we wanted to see! We were so excited to be tourists for the day! 

One thing we need to note – is just how clean and tidy the metro system is in DC! Katie has been on her fair share of metros around the world and nothing compares to the cleanliness of the DC metros! We were highly impressed – and the boys loved their first ride on the metro! 

The first thing we saw when we came up from the metro was Washington’s Monument. IDK about y’all, but Katie LOVES exploring the history of the world. And Shayla is jumping more on board with every trip we take! We felt like little kids on Christmas morning seeing the monument for the first time. 

The beauty that surrounds Washington DC is something unexplainable. Although it was well over 90 degrees outside, we were having the best time taking in all the pretty sights. As we strolled alongside the reflecting pond we couldn’t help but stop a few times and take it all in. We never wanted to leave.

Next up was Lincoln’s memorial. Arguably the best President we’ve ever had – we were most excited to see this. Gianni was too – even though he had no idea who Lincoln was LOL Seeing his statue up close left us in awe. Not only was it A LOT bigger in person- but just reading all the history throughout the building was enough to make to stop, just for a second, and take in just how important these monuments are – and how important it is for Shayla to bring her kids with her and share in such a memorable experience. 

 The highlight of our trip was by far getting to witness the veterans visiting the memorials dedicated to them. A man approached us while we were at the Korean War Memorial and started telling us how his organization flew the veterans here from Colorado – our hearts were melting as we listened to his amazing man tell us about the different war heroes he had with him. I think sometimes we forget that freedom doesn’t come free – that these men and women scarified everything for us – We felt very lucky and honored to be there that day. 

Afterwards we headed over to the White House. We will never get tired of saying that. Even though we could only see the outside, it was a moment we won’t forget. With everything going on today’s world, being able to stand where the President of the United States lives, and runs our country – is special all in itself. No matter your political views, we are all Americans first, and seeing the White House is something to honor. 

Our last stop before heading back to the hotel was the Capitol Building. After walking in the heat for nearly 6 hours, we were excited to sit down on the grassy fields in front of the building and relax for a little while. Luca ran around, while Gianni caught a nap in his stroller. 

If you thought the first thing we did when we arrived back at the Omni Shoreham was take a dip in their pool – you thought right! We headed on down and jumped right in! The boys absolutely loved the baby pool and Aunt Katie of course loved spending some time in the hot tub too! Again – rocking our Kortni Jeane bathing suits!

Our last day in DC we decided to take a walk over to the Smithsonian Zoo. The boys love animals and we only had to noon before we had to leave – it was perfect. It was small enough for us to see all of it, and the boys were happy to see the different animals. And the best part – it was free! 

Unfortunately our wonderful weekend had to come to an end – we never wanted to leave the lavish beauty that is The Omni Shoreham. Take a look below at just how magnificent our classic hotel suite was! 

Thank you so much Omni Shoreham for hosting us this past weekend. We had the most amazing visit to Washington DC. If y’all are ever planning a trip to the nation’s capitol – make sure to book your stay at Omni Shoreham – you won’t regret it – we promise! 


Katie and Shayla

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