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Scoopz Ice Cream

~ not your ordinary ice cream ~

Even though summer is coming to an end, we still continue to make it a point to indulge in some delicious ice cream! Scoopz of Kearny NJ is one of the top places on our list. With their interesting flavors to their awesome designs and z-rolls, there are endless possibilities for your sweet tooth! 

This is not your average ice cream shop with simple flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry – they have all different blends and combinations that would make your mouth water just at the sight of the ice cream containers. All of the ice cream is homemade in-house, which is so awesome! You can watch it being blended together right in front of your eyes at the counter (you don’t see that everyday)!

Both of us decided to go for three scoops of ice cream in a cone! Katie went with Kit Kats and M&Ms on top (what a chocolate fanatic) while Shayla had some rainbow sprinkles and an Oreo cookie as an added bonus! You can get so many different toppings depending on your taste buds! Shayla wanted a few more on top of hers, but the portion was already so massive that it would have definitely melted before she even took a bite!

If you check out their Instagram page (click here) – you can see all of the options along with their pretty presentations with their z-rolls! The mermaid tail happens to be Katie’s favorite – unfortunately the boys were not interested in getting a mermaid tail in their cups. However, they did enjoy the vanilla ice cream as well as the cookie monster blue flavor! 

If you are making your way up to Kearny or Harrison and Summit (where their two other locations are) – definitely check out Scoopz or ZRolls! It is definitely a wonderful ice cream spot for the whole family!

Cheers and happy indulging!


Katie and Shayla

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