Tesalate Sand-Free Towel

Do you ever just drive to the beach just to look out at the ocean and hear the waves crash?

We are super lucky we have the beaches so close to home here in New Jersey and whenever I am feeling down – I head out to the beach for some good vibes. Just hearing the waves automatically boosts my spirits and turns my frowns upside-down!

I have always been a total beach babe and when you love the sand between your toes, you may not want it all over your clothes! – I guess I am a poet now? Ha ha! I found this Tesalate, sand-free beach towel that is perfect for my beach days! It is so important to not get any sand all over the towel, especially with little toddlers who always have a little snack with them. Luca tends to always get sand all over his food (apples, pretzels, etc – gross right?), but with a sand-free towel – it is almost impossible!

Tesalate beach towels, not only serves its purpose of keeping the sand out, but they also have gorgeous designs! I mean, who doesn’t love a pretty towel to go with a nice swimsuit or in my case, maxi dress! When I first found them, I could not believe the sand-free factor, but when I looked through their designs, I actually could not decide which one I wanted! They are all so pretty! – No exaggerations, click here to look for yourself and comment below if you see what I mean!

Thanks Tesalate for coming up with an awesome solution to our small sand problem! We will be sure to bring it on our next trip and in the winter when we escape the cold weather in New Jersey to head to the beach – somewhere? It is not booked yet, but I would love to hear some feedback of your favorite beaches and where we should venture in the winter months! Any awesome beaches to recommend?

Happy beachin’



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