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The Salad House

Last week, we had a wonderful lunch at The Salad House in Morristown New Jersey! This quick, casual restaurant specializes in freshly-prepared customized and signature salad creations. They ensure every bite is wholesome and delicious by offering the perfect health-conscious choices!

This is not your average salad stop – they are all about pleasing the customers and their taste buds! They have anything you could ever want to build your own personal best bowl – we took advantage of this, Katie created her own salad and Shayla built her wrap from scratch!

We found these facts super interesting and made Shayla’s mama mind at ease!

The Salad House:

Makes their bacon bits from real bacon
Makes their soups in house from scratch
Makes their own signature dressings
Their croutons are made from the fresh bread they receive daily

Can I get an amen? This is so awesome for someone who is always looking for family friendly restaurants with a health-conscious twist! (fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, cheeses and meats – woohoo!)

The quick, easy service and the health-conscious, family friendly food clearly fuels each and every customer for their day ahead! As a mom, Shayla loves getting that extra energy fueled through her veins for the day definitely helps her to chase after her silly little toddlers! As for Katie, it fuels her to stay on track and be motivated to coach soccer and meet goals both on the field and in life in general. Get yourself some health-conscious comfort food to fuel your body for your day ahead! We promise we would never steer you wrong!

We enjoyed our comfort food in Morristown (opened in 2013). There are three other locations in NJ – Millburn (opened first in 2011), Westfield (opened in 2017) and Somerville (opened in 2018). We want to give a huge thank you to the founder, Joey Cioffi for the hospitality and hosting us at such a wonderful establishment. We enjoyed all of the food, especially the buffalo chicken poppers with some freshly-made ranch dressing! The boys especially loved their two different kind of fries and some pizza (family friendly at its finest!) – Luca even shared some of Shayla’s wrap!

Check out one of the locations and make all of your salad dreams come true! They have an instagram too if you want to be updated because maybe one day there will be a location near you! @thesaladhouse

Another Foodie Friday in the books, cheers!

Katie and Shayla

6 thoughts on “The Salad House

  1. This is up by where we used to live. I’m sad that I never got a chance to try it out. If I’m back in the area I will have to make sure I stop by!

    1. Yes, please do! It was so delicious and the staff was so nice! We are planning on checking out the other locations

  2. Oh my goodness! Can they please open one up here?! I am a salad lover and we have nothing like this here! Amazing!!

    1. Yes, we cannot get enough of The Salad House. Our new favorite lunch spot. You should definitely go check out one of their locations!

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