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William Heritage Winery

(the third stop of the NJ Winery Tour “The Winemakers Co-Op”)

Awarded New Jersey’s “Winery of the Year” in 2011, 2014 & 2015 by Garden State Wine Growers Association – William Heritage Winery truly deserved all of the recognition they have received! Over the weekend, some New Jersey boss blogger babes and us chicks met up at William Heritage Winery in Mullica Hill NJ. Out of the seven girls, only two have been there before and they were wine club members! What does that tell you? When I hear that, I think – quality wine with a clean, beautiful winery. For the rest of us first timers, it was save to say, by the end of our tour we all wanted to become wine club members of this beautiful establishment. 

From the walk through of the tasting room to the outdoor seating area to the gorgeous vineyard grounds, William Heritage was absolutely gorgeous! As for the wine you ask, there was not one taste I did not like! 

A little family history about the Heritage family:

This is now the sixth generation of Heritages farming the same land in Mullica Hill New Jersey since 1853. The generations of the past farmed apples and peaches while today’s generation is re-tasking the 150-acre estate to grow vineyards for the finest wine production. Heritage Vineyards & Winery was established in 2001 by Winemakers Bill and Penni Heritage – their sons are now the newest generation to continue and keep the Heritage farm successful. 

The family ensures excellent care is given to the vineyards and the grape growing process because their vision is to grow the best quality grapes in order to make wonderful quality wine! Us girls can definitely assure you that the wine was so delicious and there were no dumping of our glasses involved in the tasting session. 

All of the ladies enjoyed their experience from the wine tasting to the air-conditioned van tour of the vineyards to the yummy appetizers and small bites in the outdoor seating area. The entire trip to the winery was lovely. A huge shout out to our tour guide John for being knowledgeable not only about wine and the winery itself, but also sharing more information about the winemaking process and what different foods you can pair with each specific type of wine with.

The weather was perfect for a summer August day in New Jersey, but the air-conditioned tasting room and tour van were perfect for those excruciatingly hot days! If you wanted to book a tour and looked at the hot temperatures, fear not – you will be inside the whole time, except if you wanted to hop out for a photo-op because I definitely recommend to do so on these beautiful grounds.

William Heritage definitely did not disappoint to say the least! Thank you so much Bill and Penni for sharing your lovely establishment with us ladies. We all agreed we would be back very soon to possibly even become wine club members, shhh don’t tell Shayla’s husband! Ha ha! If you are ever in Mullica Hill New Jersey, you cannot miss out on paying William Heritage a visit! Make sure you ask for John when you stop in and say the seven crazy blogger girls sent you! Cheers babes!


Katie and Shayla

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