Puerto Vallarta

“Mexico is always a good idea.”

Mexico was just what I needed back in March -the perfect mix of sunshine and relaxation! I surprised my good friend for her 25th birthday with a 7 day cruise to the Mexican Riviera. Our first stop was the beautiful Puerto Vallarta. 

We contemplated over which excursion we wanted to take part in as we were only there for 8 hours. I let the birthday girl choose and she decided on the countryside horseback ride – not my first choice but I rolled with it. 

We weren’t aware of the whole closed-toe shoe and long sleeve/pants requirement that was “supposedly” in the fine print of the ticket – oops! So of course we were “those girls” who showed up in sandals and trendy rompers, oversized sunglasses and a floppy hat ready to ride some horses…. You can just imagine the looks we received from EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the tour with us. YOLO 

Thankfully our tour guide had a great sense of humor and was completely fine with our outfit choices and lack thereof reading directions. (Thank you Jose) 

Our idea of countryside is a wee bit different than those living in Mexico, but we laughed it off and had an absolute blast horseback riding through their land and seeing how they live on that side of town. We even got a chance to ride through the river – a weird but very memorable experience!

We thought it was only fitting to celebrate our survival with a nice refreshing margarita…and it only cost $5.. I miss Mexico! 

We still had a couple hours left before heading back to the ship so we decided to bargain our cab fare and headed to the Puerto Vallarta Centro to do some shopping. Of course we had to walk down to the water and take some photos…were you even in Mexico if you didn’t stop to take a photo on the beach? 

Thank you Puerto Vallarta for such an amazing day. I will definitely be back 

Xo – Katie

6 thoughts on “Puerto Vallarta

    1. It definitely was a highlight of our trip. SO MUCH FUN! Cannot wait to see what our next adventure will be – xo

  1. Traveling is one of my favorites! Umm can we be bff’s?! That’s such an amazing gift and thing you did for her. I’m glad you were able to create some great memories.

    1. Aw thanks so much! and girlfrand – I’m ALWAYS looking for new friends, especially ones who love to travel! You don’t have to ask me twice – my suitcase is ALWAYS packed! xo

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