Woodloch – The Hidden Gem of the Poconos

If you are looking for the sweetest seasonal getaway for the whole family, Woodloch is definitely the place!

Woodloch – The hidden gem of the Pocono Mountains.

This spring, Katie and I took a trip up to the Pocono Mountains with my little wild ones. My hubs was supposed to come, but unfortunately work got in the way of our family getaway so Katie came in clutch and made the 2 ½ hour trip with us.

Woodloch Resort is found on a lovely little lake surrounded by some gorgeous wildlife and woodlands. If you would like to learn more about Woodloch’s history (opened in 1958) click here OR head over to Woodloch Resort and take a pontoon boat tour! 

This hidden gem is becoming more well-known, but if you have not heard of it, my best description would be the best types of vacations all wrapped into one! You have the lavish hotel mixed with the family lakehouse vibes. Our favorite part of the entire trip was the activities! There were so many activities to do as a family; therefore I had a blast watching my boys make memories!

Here are some of our favorites while at Woodloch Resort:

The Pool Area

The Pools at Woodloch Resort are definitely a must-do! This was our first adventure when we arrived at Woodloch in the mid-afternoon since both boys slept during the entire car ride! 

Our building was connected to the indoor pool area so it was super convenient to get the boys dressed and hop on down there (totally worth it if you could request this building because my boys would have stayed in the pool area all day if they could). It was such a fun experience! The indoor pool was huge with a basketball net as an added bonus. Katie and I shot some pool hoops and little Luca even tried to make a basket or two with some help! There were two decent sized hot tubs (Gianni thought they were kiddie pools – sorry buddy, maybe when you are a little older) and then a nice sized toddler/baby pool section and the water was the perfect temperature! On top of the pool, hot tubs and kiddie pool – there is a giant kid splash area (in the same area as the pool so if you have older children, you could totally spend time in the pool while they wander back and forth), which Gianni (3 on July 13) LOVED. He swam around by himself and did NOT want Mommy’s help with the slides and jumping through the water shooting up! Luca (17 months) on the other hand, held my hand most of the time, but he enjoyed sliding down the two little slides and splashing in the water.

A huge plus – Woodloch has lifeguards stationed around the entire pool area so mama can definitely feel at ease while the kiddos swim around without being attached at my hip. 

The Lake

Lake Teedyuskung is definitely a gorgeous site to see! You can view it from every hotel room, the dining room and the pool area (basically everywhere you go on the property). It is just the right size for water sports, but not terribly big to be overcrowded. In the spring season, we were able to experience paddle boating and pontoon boating! These water activities were included in our stay so we were able to experience them at our leisure! As the weather warms up, I know Woodloch offers other water sports such as kayakning, paddle boarding, sailing, water skiing, swimming and more!

The Food

If anyone knows my boys, they know they are definitely foodies! But so is Katie – therefore she was lovin’ on the all-inclusive package! I honestly was expecting family portion sizes of maybe pizza and pasta, but Woodloch definitely proved that to be absolutely false!

Every meal was sit-down with several different options to choose from! The portions were gigantic including an appetizer, main course and dessert! We all had full tummies after each and every meal during our stay!

We looked forward to our meals three times a day and were never late to the dining area! I would definitely splurge and purchase the all-inclusive package again – it was absolutely worth it! The wait staff was awesome as well with the boys and very accommodating. 

The Activities

Woodloch Resort offers so many activities to get the whole family involved. Many families we spoke with participated in the trivia nights, name that tune and so much more! We were only at Woodloch two nights so we definitely could not fit in all the activities. We did get to enjoy the bumper boats and watched some older kids participate in bumper cars and go-carts (unfortunately we missed the Jr. go-cart times so Gianni could only watch the bigger boys and girls, but definitely next time)! I would say the bumper boats were absolutely tied for the first place winner with the pool area as favorites for my wild ones!

Woodloch also has an ice-skating rink, jungle gym area, indoor climbing park and plenty of arcade games! The boys loved the jungle gym (Katie and I had to climb up there with them! Ha ha), the toddler play area and the arcade games! We spent hours and hours in these activity areas for the boys to run around and let out some energy. If you come in the summer months with your little ones and forget socks, they have a sock vending machine! I thought that was super cool and definitely comes in handy if you forget to bring your socks.

The Rooms

Woodloch completely spoiled us with a gorgeous lakefront view one-bedroom with two queen beds, a pullout couch, a balcony to sit and enjoy the lakeview and huge windows overlooking the gorgeous Lake Teedyuskung (check out Katie’s or my Instagram highlight titled “Woodloch” to get the feel of the atmosphere of the room). They have a variety of hotel rooms including, regular rooms, one bedrooms, two bedrooms and even houses! I definitely recommend checking out their options if you are interested in having a relaxing and carefree seasonal vacation! They are open all year round! 

The Characters

Each day there are characters standing in the lobby and our first evening they had a Minion (from Despicable Me). Since we went to Walt Disney World in January and spend most of our time a Six Flags Great Adventure – my boys LOVE characters! Gianni and Luca were so excited to see him to give hugs and high fives! 

The Staff

The staff at Woodloch Resort were extremely courteous and accommodating. They are well trained to put the customer first (a rare quality in today’s day) and always greeted us with a smile. We were only on the property for three days and we felt like we were at home! 

Gianni still talks about Woodloch being the best trip he has been on and we are definitely thinking about coming back soon! Click here to book your stay or learn more about Woodloch Resort!

Xoxo – Katie & Shayla

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