For That New Mama or Mama-To-Be

When I became a new mama, I had a small gathering with close family and friends to reveal the gender of our first-born baby. I did not want many gifts, but my mother-in-law begged me to at least ask everyone to bring diapers. I was hesitant at first, but decided that would be the only thing they could bring me. It was a lifesaver – to say the least. Now, every single baby shower I go to, I make sure I bring a gift and some good ole diapers! That is when I found Incredibundles and I thought it was such a wonderful idea. A generic box of diapers definitely does not scream “cute present,” but check out this presentation Incredibundles has created as the sweetest little gift for that new mama in your life.

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It is basically an adorable little gift box with a supply of diapers and wipes – time to be more creative and not lug a giant boring box of diapers to a baby shower or hospital visit. You are the one to choose the length of time you would like to gift to that special new mama (3, 6, 9, 12 months supply of diapers) and wipes from Incredibundles. Along with the practical necessities, you can also choose if the recipient will receive other items like books, bath toys, etc to jazz up the box! However, the mama-to-be is able to choose the brand and size of diapers each time a new bundle comes in and their baby grows. This idea is definitely going to blow my old gift giving ideas including diapers out of the water! I am so excited to gift these to my friends and family as they begin to grow their families. Check out the Incredibundles website – I promise they do not disappoint. Look at the joy on his little face with his new bear. 

This little bear is a potential add-in for your box!
Luca would not put the bear down and kept on loving on him!
Check out this sweet little box!

Incredibundles is giving away a 3-month diaper subscription! I posted details on my Instagram via stories and my most recent post! Check it out and enter if you would love to spoil that new mama in your life with the main necessity all little babies need! 



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