The Perfect Diaper Bag Backpack

As a new mom, mom of multiples or just a mom in general – what is the first thing you grab (besides your child) when you leave the house? The necessities you need for your child – am I right?! This diaper bag backpack is absolutely fantastic – it is so roomy and extremely durable. The main compartment is extremely deep with lots of pockets inside! I can fit all of the things for both my toddler and my baby as well as my makeup bag, wallet and a few snacks. The quality of the bag is awesome, especially for a mama on the go like myself! We traveled to New York City yesterday via the train and did not have to worry about any robberies or pick-pocketers – if you will – because the zippers are very durable and definitely not easy to open! The front zipper pouch includes three insulated pockets for bottles, cups or snack pouches! For me personally as a mother, I use Doctor Brown’s bottles. In my old diaper bag, they simply could not fit in the insulated section, but with this new one – they fit with ease! Also, there are two big pockets on the outside of the bag where I like to put the bottle Luca is currently using or a water bottle for my toddler or myself!

This diaper bag backpack is truly a game changer! My husband had no troubles carrying it on his back for long periods of time while we walked through the Big Apple and since it is black, it is the perfect unisex color (for baby and Daddy of course). Luca only pooped once on our adventure, but I used the changing pad that comes with the diaper bag about five times during the day to change him and not get any “yuckies” on him from the city. The changing pad also has its own compartment in the diaper bag which is extremely nice because I used to shove it in my old and create an unorganized mess!

I promise you will not regret this purchase. I have gone through three diaper bags since becoming a mother and this is by far the best one yet! I love it, my husband did not have a problem carrying it for long periods of time and it is so durable and deep with organized pockets! I included the direct link to Amazon below the picture.



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