Luca’s First Birthday Party

As I sit here typing this, I am in utter disbelief. We have come so far. My baby Luca is officially one year old! He is the smiliest, happiest and most energetic little explorer I have ever known. The theme of his party was so fitting – even though I picked it when he was about five days old! (#momlife – not even ashamed about it) Anyway, Luca’s party was filled with happiness, joy and lots of yummy treats! He is totally a foodie baby and loves all the goodies!

Luca’s party was held at a KOC banquet hall here in New Jersey and in attendance were lots of family and close friends. It was a beautiful 45 degrees with scattered showers, but we did not need the sunshine to brighten our day. It was filled with so much love and joy.

With the help of my sister, Cailin and best friend, Katie (thanks babes) – we set up the dessert table as soon as we arrived at the hall. This table was filled with such wonderful handmade designs from a few small shops I found on instagram. So, when we were finally done setting up, it was so nice to see it all come together to create such a nice space to grab some sweets.

I will now share some details on each piece in this photo for whoever is interested in learning more! So many of these awesome small shops create a variety of different party decorations so you aren’t limited to “wild one” stuff – unless you’re planning that sort of thing!

I will start with the backdrop. The dark brown paper is from hobby lobby. It comes in a roll of 12 feet. I originally planned on making a backdrop with either some PVC piping or wood, but mounting this bad boy to the wall was so much easier! You do have to be careful though when planning a party at a banquet hall because nine times out of ten, they do not allow hanging signs or banners on the walls. I lucked out and they allowed me to use thumbtacks.

The banners on the brown backdrop are from @foxydecor and I was so impressed with how they came out! The details were so meticulous on each section of the banner. Everyone complimented them as they walked in.

The giant wooden sign in the middle of the table is from @mycustomtimber and it was truly a fan favorite. Everyone was suggesting for me to hang it on Luca’s wall after the party was over! It is so beautifully handmade and the details are flawless! I highly recommend using her for your wooden sign needs – totally worth it! These signs would look so nice in a nursery, bedroom, playroom or even at a birthday party! Personalization are my absolute favorite. I named my child, of course – so I love seeing it written out for all to admire.

The banner on Luca’s high chair is from @christina.creations and it truly fit with the “wild one” theme with the crown detail matching the sign from @mycustomtimber and the crown Luca was wearing on his head from @littleblueolive! It was a sturdy little banner that withstood the kicking of an excited little birthday boy!


The animals spread out and about on the table and on the cake are from hobby lobby.

The moss, the “O N E” letters, the cake plate are also from hobby lobby!

The small houses and trees are from target.

I borrowed the stumps and wooden trays from a friend, but I have seen some of these at Home Goods!

I found Luca’s outfit outfit on amazon – last minute! I had a vision in my head for months and then with Christmas coming and the rest of the party decorations coming into place, I completely forgot about his birthday ensemble. Thank goodness for amazon prime because I got exactly what I wanted. Here are the links for the outfit and socks:

short set: $17.99 and TTS (Luca is wearing 6-12 months)

socks: $11.50 for a three pack!

Now to the treats –

My best friend Janine handmade the two tiered cake. This was her second “fancy” cake and I think she did a wonderful job! Everyone commented on how gorgeous the cake looked. She even made Luca his own little cupcake to match his cake! He loved it! Thanks, Janine!

Lovin’ on his cupcake!

The mini cupcakes and shooters on the wooden stumps were from @bridgets_bites – a small dessert shop here in Keyport New Jersey. They were an absolute hit! They are easy to just pop them in your mouth for a nice sweet treat!

My sister in-law made the “1” rice crispy treats! She dipped some in chocolate and left some plain. They were so delicious! Thanks, Nicolena!

The party was a huge hit! I was so pleased with how everything came out! Such a successful day! I hope you enjoy all the photos!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Luca Gabriel!





6 thoughts on “Luca’s First Birthday Party

  1. Every single one of these birthday decorations are amazing! I especially love the cake! I love the theme, too! Great job mama!!

  2. Shayla! His party decor was perfect! I loved it all but that wooden sign might be my favorite. And his cake looked sooo good! You all did such a great job! ❤️

    1. Aw, thank you Shannon! It was definitely a favorite of majority at the party too! My sister really wants me to hang it in his room! Thanks girl!

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