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Frame It Easy

Family means so much to me. I love spending each and every day with my three men… so much so that I love to document our memories and hang them on the walls in our home. It is nice to look back at the memories we made together (the photos on the wall) while making some new ones with them in the background. It is so special to walk into a room filled with so many photographs of our precious boys.

In these photos – the boys would not cooperate. My husband and I tried so hard to keep smiling, but it was a nightmare… to say the least. We all got dressed up just to have meltdown after meltdown. Gianni continued to repeat “no pictures” over and over, while Luca screamed every time I put him down. It was an epic fail for us. However, we did manage to get a few good ones like these!

The frames are from @frameiteasy. They have so many different colors and styles. I chose the gray oak wood frames because I wanted a lighter gray with single smooth white mat to create some definition to really make the photo POP. These frames are 11×14. It was so simple to order. I sent over the image, picked my design and 1 2 3 – they were shipped and on their way! I originally wanted them over my bed in my bedroom, but my room color did not turn out the way I wanted to – therefore, we went with keeping them in the dining room for now! We plan to add on to our home in the VERY near future anyway so I will get my wish and hang them over my bed so soon (I will obviously share the photos of the renovations)!

No one ever goes into my bedroom anyway, so it is nice when I am hosting a party and entertaining guests so they can see the photos right in front of them! We even had a few friends over last night to finalize last minute planning information about our upcoming Disney trip and they all noticed the new frames! One friend even asked where I got them from – such a good quality brand.

Where would you hang these pictures? Dining room or bedroom… or even the living room? You decide and let me know in the comments!

Thanks Frame It Easy!




7 thoughts on “Frame It Easy

  1. These frames are perfect!! And, you have a beautiful family! You would never know from the photographs that it was a rough photo shoot. They all look fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much! I love how they turned out as well. I have a lot more that I need to do, but this is a start.

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