Bobux USA Shoes – A Review

Lazy walker or scared little wanderer?

Luca has been trying to walk since he turned 10 months. He took 5 steps at 10 months and now the most progress he has made was this week (he will be 1 year old next week) while wearing @bobuxusa “first walkers” Unisex Xplorer Aktiv Knit shoes! I am literally blown away. The only time he succeeded while walking was when he was barefoot, until NOW! Any time he had shoes on, he would fall almost instantly. This has been a game changer for us!

On Monday, Luca was wearing these shoes as my husband came home from work. I was super excited to tell him all the progress he had made! BUT, I didn’t even have to. Luca walked about 20 feet on his own from the dining room to the kitchen to greet his daddy! It is like magic! I am completely sold and will definitely try these shoes out quicker with my third baby – maybe not too quick because well, a walking baby is harder to chase than a crawling babe! Ha ha! –

The Unisex Xplorer Aktiv Knit shoes come in five different colors and I linked all five here:

We also received two more pairs of shoes from @bobuxshoes for Luca and one pair for Gianni! As seen below:

Luca is wearing the Timber Airforce shoes in a size 19. I love this style. The crisp dark green color really sold me and I love the easy Velcro. I do not plan to put Velcro shoes on my kiddos after they are two or three so I am getting my use out of them in now! They are definitely for a pre-walker or walker with nice hard souls on the bottom! He has no trouble walking in them at all!

Luca also has the Xplorer Paint Navy + White shoes.  They are so adorable! When I first saw them I had to have them for Luca! The style is so darling. They have a softer soul so I do not think they are for a more experienced walking baby, but a crawler or a cruiser (cruising along all the furniture).

Gianni is wearing the Unisex Jodhpur Toffee Boots. I love these boots! They look super sweet with his skinnies or bootcut jeans! He says they are really comfortable and I love the color! He has no problem walking in them as well. The perfect shoe for a toddler just like all the baby shoes for Luca!

As I said, we are so impressed with how well Luca did with walking in these shoes that we will be back for more! Thanks @bobuxusa! Your shoes are such great quality and Luca magically began walking while wearing your shoes. He is quite the professional now!






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