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We are in full gear of Christmas cheer in the Salerno household! The stockings are hung, the books are wrapped and we even picked out our real tree this weekend! We plan on reading one book per day for the 24 days on the Advent Calendar! One of our favorite books this year is @hoorayheroes! When we received this package in the mail, I had to show Gianni right away – so he got a sneak peak before I wrapped it up!

This book is personalized on every single page from start to finish! It is all about the Christmas spirit of the holiday season. The little character in the book is supposed to resemble Gianni and each page is about “Gianni’s” adventures for Christmas. The first time I read it to him, Gianni continued to point to his character all while repeating “that’s Gianni” “Mommy, that’s Gianni” over and over again until I stopped reading and acknowledged I was listening to him. Can you tell he is super excited that it is a book all about him and Christmas! What more could a kiddo want?!

I love how you can completely personalize the book from the opening page with a note, each page based on the theme of your choice and putting your child’s name in the story for them to enjoy at Christmas time. I am going to have to get Luca one next year because it is clearly a hit in our house! You can use code: HOORAYMAGIC15 for 15% all of their books!


Gianni’s favorite page is, as seen below –

It is so funny why he loves this page! He likes when I read it because it says he is not on the naughty list! He is super worried every time he misbehaves that Santa will put him on there! It is actually quite comical. No buddy, you are on the nice list! Ha ha!

Thank you @hoorayheroes for spreading Christmas cheer in a special way for my Gianni! I cannot wait until he picks this book to open during advent! Be on the lookout for my Instagram stories of us reading this book.

Now that I told you one of our favorite Christmas books, what is your child’s favorite? I would love to add to our collection!




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