NameBubbles Labels – A Review

You are probably thinking, why does she need labels? Afraid one kiddo will be sick and the other will catch it from sharing straws? That is totally a valid answer! But I am thinking more about Luca’s lactose allergy than anything else. Luca has a sensitivity to dairy, but mostly lactose such as milk, yogurt, smoothies and other liquids I put in the boys’ cups! I love labeling so they can still be twinning and have matching drinks without having to worry!

These labels would definitely come in handy if your child goes to daycare or school because of course, we all tend to buy the same dang cup! … me in the store – “oh em gee, this is the cutest cup ever!!” Every mom in America- “oh em gee, this is the cutest cup ever!!” Same cup. Houston – we have a freaking problem.

We are going to Walt Disney World in January and I bought the boys matching cups because DUH, every kiddo needs a Mickey cup in Disney! Since getting these labels, I will no longer have to worry about Luca having a poop explosion in the middle of It’s A Small World because he had a sip of his brother’s milk!

So if you don’t want your child sharing saliva with little Johnny at the lunch table, label up your stuff! I promise, it is helpful and adorable all at the same time! I mean, you did name your child… chances are you probably want to see it personalized all over the place! Am I right? Maybe I am the only one guilty of this? I doubt it, ya’ll!

These labels are from @namebubbles and they are super cute! They are personalized with with my boys’ names on them along with a cute little elephant – because mama loves those gigantic, beautiful creatures! Heck, their room is elephant-themed!

Also, I am especially pleased with these labels because they are dishwasher safe, laundry safe, microwave safe and freezer safe! That’s a lot of SAFE! I’d say I am sold! And I totally am! Thanks so much @namebubles for making mama’s life that much easier!

Check out their labels!! I promise they do not disappoint!




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  1. These are the best!!! We used these my kids were little! Such amazing quality and definite must have if you have little ones!

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