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Summer. I MISS YOU!

In the summer, we are always out and about! We are either partyin it up at the playground and/or splash park OR we are chillen out on the beach! – Zac Brown has a song, “Toes” and that is totally us all season long! “Toes in the water, a** in the sand.” Here are a few photos to reminisce about summer time!

Now, here is where we hang out down in the sand. An actual map of our beautiful shoreline here in Jersey! I got this lovely map from @mapiful! It is the perfect Christmas gift for the special someone in your life who just loves maps and/or geography. We all can think of someone! Mapiful can create any map in the whole entire world! Just give them the coordinates and let the magic happen!

Seeing the Jersey Shore mapped out is an awesome visual for not only my kiddos to see, but everyone who comes into my home! It is such an important monument for my family because we have lived in the state of New Jersey for generations. The Jersey Shore is clearly our second home!

I highly recommend these beautiful maps! There is a whole world out there. Pick a random place and create a map with @mapiful! And then, be even more spontaneous and go there! Would you?




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