The Best Shopping Bag

Christmas is COMING! Y’all know what that means… shopping til you drop! We have many family members we exchange with and now that we have a growing family, the presents are being bought by the ton!

I have a thing with plastic bags – one… save the environment – yes, totally all for that! But, two… they are not very durable and rip quite easily. Have I tried reusable bags? Ya know, the ones you get for $1 at the Marshall’s checkout line or at Primark for like $3.50 (what is that about?) “That’ll be $60, would you like a reusable bag for only $3.50?” … No. Thanks. ANYWAY, I have tried those in the past. I wanted to be eco-friendly and show up to the store with my cute little bags all ready to collect all my new goodies! Well, all that excitement ended when they started breaking. I would fill them up with “too much” stuff and the handle would rip right off.

I had a huge dilemma.
– Plastic bags are not durable at all. They rip instantly and are not eco-friendly.
– Reusable bags are a little more durable, but if you fill them too much – my mistake, the handles will rip right off and there goes your eggs… all cracked and smashed on the ground.

@Apolis totally sold me. One huge, durable bag for EVERYTHING. Shopping has never been better! I usually have Luca in one arm, this bag in the other while holding Gianni’s hand! It is a sight to see, but it makes my life so much easier than carrying ten plastic bags or five reusable ones. Now, I have one large, durable bag for all my shopping needs!




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