The Cutest Toddler Shoes

Shouting out to my boy mamas out there! I walk into every single store and I see a literal sea of pink and purple! Where are the cute boy clothes and accessories? Why is there a tiny little section for boys and a gigantic area for girls? Come on now?! What is up with that? Also, why do they assume I want to dress my boys in sweatpants and an athletic t-shirt? Shoes too – it is a constant struggle to find the cutest shoes! All I see are sneakers. Boys can dress up. Boys can look nice. It is so frustrating while shopping for this boy mama! I am not saying ALL stores, shout out to my second home, Target – you got the hook up, girlfriend!

Sorry if I am coming off super aggressive, but it is just so annoying! Am I the only one who thinks this way?

I am so thankful for small shops! Thank goodness there is some hope for us boy mamas out here! I got these sweet little shoes for Gianni from @shopbabychelle and I am so obsessed! He has gotten about ten compliments in the first hour of wearing them!

Look how adorable they are! Also, they are such a good quality shoe! It is sometimes hard to ensure a small shop is going to sell you something durable and sturdy – but I am pleased to say, these shoes are so comfy and such great quality!

Check out their shop (@shopbabychelle) for some sweet shoes for both boys and girls! They are just so darling.

Sorry for my little rant! I hope I am not the lone soldier fighting for some cute clothing!?




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