The Best Planner for Organization

Organization is truly not my strong suit! I’ve tried for years to be organized and stay that way! It has been a constant struggle for me, even before having kiddos – eeek, we have a Messy Bessy on our hands, y’all! Sorry to my OCD hubs! But anyway, instead of leaving reminder notes scattered around the house to lose during the day or typing out random notes in my phone and setting alarms – I have found a wonderful solution! I already know what you are thinking, “girlfriend, just go to Marshall’s and buy a dang planner.” Believe me, I have one from 2017 lying around somewhere. But I found one totally and completely better than all the rest! This planner I got from @purposefulplanner by @corieclark is the freaking BOMB- it is my saving grace! I promise you, I am not just saying that!

Along with setting aside an area of kitchen space for my planner as well – so I stay organized and don’t lose it… I am happy to report that I am keeping my household and myself nice and tidy. It is definitely a work in progress since I only just received the planner the end of October, but I am keeping up and doing well!

Why is it the best? There are some pretty great planners in your local Target or Marshall’s so why choose this one?

  • It is all based on YOU:
    • It includes a section to write about whom you are and what you want to accomplish as well as future goals and desires
    • There is a bucket list page
  • Each month has:
    • A breakdown of your budget
    • Menus:
      • Top 20 Meals
      • Ingredients Needed
    • Master Task List
    • Dreams and Goals
  • Each day has:
    • Today I will
    • Schedule
    • Inspirational Quotes
    • Health
    • Water Intake
    • Little 15 minute task recommendations (ie: wipe down top of the fridge
    • Prayer and Praise
    • Brain Dump
    • Retail Therapy
    • Menu
  • It is sturdy and thick – the planner cannot be easily ripped or broken by a toddler or small child.
  • There are some stickers included for organizing purposes
  • It comes in a pretty box – it might be a silly reason, but someone may not have a designated spot for their planner like a counter top or book shelf so it has to stay in the box under the desk or bed.

I highly recommend purchasing this awesome planner (Purposeful Planner by Corie Clark) I feel like a new woman. I love being on track and staying that way.


Anyone else struggle with organization?




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  1. I swear it’s like you read my mind! lol. I have been searching for a good planner for 2019 and have been seeing soooo many options! I’m definitely going to check these out!

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