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Total #momlife post here! So, most of y’all know I have two little boys: Gianni is two (specifically 28 months if we want to be THAT mom – I was that mom until Gianni turned 2, whoops!) and Luca is eleven months (1 on 12/4, get ready for the waterworks in a few weeks). They are growing boys who have totally different tastebuds! One will eat just about everything (my younger one, Luca) while the other one (my older one obviously, Gianni) is super picky! Gianni loves his fruits, but vegetables are certainly a challenge! No matter if I cover the peas in sea salt or cook the broccoli with cheese, he gags and refuses to eat it! He is only two so I pray he will eventually broaden his horizons when it comes to veggies!
We are almost always on the go! I feel as if my kiddos are bored in the house so we love to go on little adventures around New Jersey! Parks, beaches, reservoirs – you name it, we have most-likely been there! With constantly running around, it is so much easier to bring our lunches rather than worry about rushing him to cook before nap time!
Peep the horse in the background!
I spend about ten to fifteen minutes each morning cutting up fruits and vegetables as a side snack to the boys’ lunch. This would take me forever! I needed a solution to both dilemmas – my picky eater getting his nutrients and getting my chopping time back!
I found @peterrabbitorganics and never looked back! It is USDA Certified Organic 100% pure baby food with no artificial ingredients or diluted with water. It comes in a convenient squeezable pouch (perfect for on-the-go activities) and BPA free packing.
It is perfect for both of my boys as well! My “eater” enjoys all the different kinds while my “picky” one will eat almost all of them because they mix the vegetables in with the fruits! For example, one specific flavor is “carrot squash apple” and he LOVES it! He would never eat carrots or squash by themselves, but the amount of apple in the mix makes him think he is having apple sauce! It is so great as mama, knowing my son is getting all different vitamins and nutrients from his food! I don’t even have to force feed or struggle to get him to eat certain foods because of these pouches!
As you can see, both boys love them! I am so happy to have such a great product for my boys to enjoy! Thank you Peter Rabbit Organics! You can get some from their website, your nearest Whole Foods or even on Amazon!
These are a fan favorite in our house! Anyone else use pouches like these on the go?



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    1. They really are! You should totally check them out for your new bundle – I cannot wait to see him (especially with your older two)!

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