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We are so excited to share our Bookroo Review:

Gianni’s skeleton pajamas are from Crazy 8.

     We received our box of books from @bookroo_love this month and Gianni was so eager to rip open the packages and start reading! This month, the books included, Hatch, Even Superheroes Have to Sleep and Jungle Animals. Gianni absolutely loves Hatch because he is able to open the flap and reveal what animal is hatching out of the egg! It is such a sweet little rhyming book and he enjoys identifying each animal. One day, we actually read the book about ten times to the point where he now knows exactly which animal is on the page before pulling the flap down. His poor little brother cannot even be surprised anymore. Each page includes an exciting little rhyme with an egg that the baby animal hatches from! The little creatures are detailed with their corresponding habitat.

Another fan favorite this month was Even Superheroes Have to Sleep! Gianni is the definition of BOY. He loves superheroes, construction workers and rock stars (not saying that girls cannot love them too, but he is a big fan of “all things boy”). All three of these characters are in this book and they are sleeping! It is the perfect little book for bedtime reading. Each night, we like to read at least two books to our boys and this book really came in handy this month! Gianni is starting to realize that he is not the only one who sleeps at night – so do policemen, princesses and even astronauts (all in the book). Therefore, bedtime has actually been a lot easier since having this sweet little book. Just last night he asked me, “All the police officers are going to bed now too, Mommy?” Sleeping toddler – I’d say that is a #momwin!

The third book Jungle Animals, we received this month is definitely for Luca! I am so happy @bookroo_love even sent us a book age-appropriate for my ten month old! It is a touch-and-feel with an animal on each page! He likes to touch the pages and I enjoy teaching him the different animals.

Gianni’s little pumpkin bag is from Pottery Barn Kids.

    Bookroo is a subscription for children’s books. They ensure their books are geared toward the age group they are attracting since they offer three kinds of boxes, board books (ages 0-3) which we picked, picture books (ages 2-6) and chapter books (ages 7-10). Each month can be a special surprise full of books for your special little one! I was tempted to pick the picture books for Gianni (he is two years old), but I wanted Luca to join in on the fun, and he truly has!

As a mama, I want my children to be constantly learning and thriving while having fun. Bookroo definitely ensures this philosophy. My boys are gaining knowledge while enjoying their books. We are excited to share @bookroo_love with you and they definitely do not disappoint!




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