Our Boo-Tacular Party! – A Toddler Halloween Bash

In the Salerno Household, we love Halloween!

This past weekend I decided to host a toddler friendly Halloween Party which was a huge success! Gianni understands a lot more now so the spirit of Halloween was the first holiday on my list to host a toddler party.  I only have a few friends with kiddos so there were seven toddlers/babies total – three boys and four girls. There were only a few meltdowns and for the most part, everyone had a blast!

The ghost garland on the table is from @handmade_by_tara

(Please ignore the tape above the garland. Ugh! The dang table cloth was not cooperating.)



The Boo-Tacular Craft consisted of tiny, real pumpkins for the toddlers and foam pumpkins from Dollar Tree for the babies to decorate with stickers.  Obviously the mamas needed to be close by to help out with taking the stickers off of the paper, but the toddlers did a great job putting them on the pumpkins!

I served Tyson chicken nuggets and Annie’s macaroni and cheese for lunch. As appetizers, I had tortilla chips with spinach and artichoke dip for the adults; however, it into a baby free-for-all because the little ones were eating them more than the adults! You cannot go wrong with Kirkland Organic Tortilla Chips! The moms even enjoyed some delicious wine while we sat around talking as the kiddos played with the toys.

The Boo-Tacular Dessert Table was a mix of cupcakes, Annie’s Organic Grabbits and a variety of doughnuts and munchkins from Dunkin Donuts.

The adorable cupcake toppers are from @nixyandcoco

The spooooky bat garland is from @handmade_by_tara

The Halloween glasses are from the Target Dollar Spot!

(I cannot link the little glass cups & straws because they aren’t online, but my Target still had a lot more in stock!)

The party was so successful that I am thinking about having a Christmas party in early December! Stay tuned!


Have you ever hosted a Halloween party for your kids?



Shayla ❤

31 thoughts on “Our Boo-Tacular Party! – A Toddler Halloween Bash

    1. Aw yeah! It was more for Gianni (2) than Luca (10 months) but it was so super fun! I’m sure she’ll be just like her mama!

  1. What a fun way to celebrate Halloween! I love the beautiful memories that you were creating thede kids! The decorations were absolutely perfect!

    1. Aw thanks girl! Omg they are so super cute! Definitely a great idea for next year or just for my boys and me!

  2. So cute!!! We always have a Halloween Party for us adults but I never thought to have one for the kiddos! I think maybe we might start doing this too!!!

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