Why I Love to Travel

“A mind stretched by N E W experiences can n e v e r go back to it’s old dimensions.”

For as far back as I can remember, I have always had a love for travel: the unknown, something different, something new. Being able to travel and see how people live all around the world is a feeling you simply cannot put into words. Travel can mean different things to different people: adventure, an escape, visiting family or friends, stepping out of comfort zones and exploring -To me, it’s a mixture of all of those things!


Travel broadens your mind in ways you never thought possible. I’ve learned more from exploring this world firsthand than I ever have sitting in a classroom. Seeing how the world lives outside of your hometown is very rewarding. You get to experience life in a whole new way – a whole new perspective. One that opens your eyes to places and experiences you never thought possible. You realize just how small your problems are and how much you take for granted.

Travel makes you appreciate the small stuff- like running water, a roof over your head, catching a sunrise at 3am -and realizing just how beautiful our world is and just how much it has to offer us… all things we take for granted in our everyday lives.

We live in a crazy world today. Travel reminds us just how kind people really are. We often forget how we, as humans, are supposed to act. We get so caught up in our lives, that we no longer take the time to appreciate just how important smiling at a stranger can be. Traveling opens our hearts to different cultures and shows us how to slow down and appreciate what we have. You miss so much while you’re traveling. At least I know I do!

Travel is always one big adventure. Being impulsive and saying yes, to things I never thought I would, is part of the fun. The adrenalin rush you get makes you feel alive and accomplished. You step outside of your comfort zone and get to try new things that you wouldn’t necessarily do at home. You come home a different person, and I think that is the biggest lesson of all. You forget about your everyday life for just a moment. Your only job is to go somewhere and figure out how to get around. Everything you own is with you in one bag (sometimes 2 or 3 – or even 4 if you’re new to traveling lol) Your life isn’t complicated by the nonsense back home. All you really need is food and shelter – and some laughter too! All that matters is living in that moment and being in complete awe of the history that is surrounding you.

There’s also a feeling of complete freedom when you travel. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want to. I love getting lost in places I’ve never been. It always leads me to something so much greater than expected. I’m forever grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve been given to travel. Not a day goes by where I’m not daydreaming and brainstorming for my next grand adventure! I cannot wait to add to my list of destinations visited in the near future.

These are some of the reasons why I love to travel. I could go on and on, but I will just leave y’all with this for now. Travel reminds me of the simple things in life. It gives me the perspective I need when I’m lost. Travel re-energizes me when I’m feeling weighed down by my everyday routine.  Travel allows me to see the world through refreshed lens – something I’m forever grateful for.

I hope I never forget all the reasons why I love to travel. Like I mentioned in the beginning – travel means different things to different people, but I know one thing it sure isn’t:  It isn’t ever boring!

There is so much to see in this beautiful world. I hope y’all at some point in your life get the chance to experience life beyond your hometowns. I promise you, you will never regret it. Travel changes you, for the very best.

Appreciate it.  Embrace it.  Live it!

Comment below and let me know why you love to travel (:


Katie ♡

12 thoughts on “Why I Love to Travel

  1. Loved reading this! Traveling is so much fun and like you said, never boring. I hope that in the future we can travel more because it really does open your mind and you get to experience so much! Thanks for sharing! ❤️

    1. Aw Shauna, you are the sweetest. Thanks so much! I need to come visit you girl. Next time I plan a trip out to Cali, I’ll be sure to swing on by!

    1. Thanks so much! Traveling leaves an imprint on our lives forever! So glad y’all get to travel and see this beautiful world.

  2. Thank you for THIS: “Travel reminds me of the simple things in life. It gives me the perspective I need when I’m lost. Travel re-energizes me when I’m feeling weighed down by my everyday routine. Travel allows me to see the world through refreshed lens – something I’m forever grateful for.” ——because this is exactly how I feel about travel and why I long for it daily.

    1. Aw, you’re so very welcome! Travel has changed my life and i’m forever grateful for all the lessons i’ve learned along the way. So glad you get to join in on seeing this world!

  3. This is really well explained. There are so many benefits to traveling which is why I started doing it more this year. It’s a promise I’ve made to myself and I can’t wait for 2019 travels outside the U.S.

    1. I’m so happy for you. The travel bug is very contagious! Where are you planning on going outside of the U.S.?

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